Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The New Eve Audio

I have mentioned before that Robert Lewis has a new book (advertised as
the companion, for women, to his 'men's fraternity' material)
called "The New Eve."

He is on FamilyLife Today all this week talking about the book.
You can listen to the first day here.
You can watch a video of him introduce the basic concept of the book here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

All Education is Not Equal

My wife put me on to this post about an interesting view of education by those who first settled this nation. The conclusion? All educations are not equal. Every school has an agenda. The question you must ask is, does their agenda help the child?

Review: Lone Survivor

Near the top of a desolate mountain in Afghanistan lies a young man, about 24 years old, waiting for the right person to pass by. He has been lying in the same spot, barely moving a muscle, for four days. He rarely sleeps, and even then it is a half-conscience state, always aware of the slightest un-natural noise. He waits, for he knows the enemy will grow impatient before he does, and he will not betray his superior position.

It's hard to believe that there really are men in this situation, right now, and they want to be in it. In fact, they've dreamed about these moments their entire lives. All so that I can do things like sit at a computer and blog anytime I want, anywhere I want, or watch any TV program I want, whether it's good for me or not. They live for freedom and for keeping the American dream alive.

The book Lone Survivor is the account of one such man, a member of the elite Navy SEALs, who were called in to find the leader of Osama bin Laden's Army.

The tale is gripping and inspiring. Reading of the heroics of one man's attempt to survive in the Afghan wilderness, with dozens of fighters hunting him like a wounded Gazelle, left me feeling pretty wimpy for the minor things I complain about (like, "can you believe they didn't put more whip cream on top of my hot fudge sundae?") His description of the training process to join the SEALs was also humbling. If hundreds of men a year can go through such pain, mental anguish, and physical exhaustion for the honor of serving their country at the highest level of military excellence, then how much more self denial should I pursue for the honor of serving my Lord? Jesus, give me that kind of discipline and commitment for your Kingdom.

For more info, watch this brief news clip: