Sunday, December 29, 2013

Update on Reading Goals for the Year

At the start of the year I posted some 2013 reading goals here.

It is amazing what a non-sleeping-infant can do to reading goals (our third child, born Jan 2013, has just begun sleeping through the night in the last month). It's hard to read ancient works when you are sleepy. I hope we can chalk this year up as a loss on reading, but an investment in eternity (amen).

But it wasn't a total loss, as some progress was made. So here's what i've covered so far from the original post:

PLUTARCH: Have progressed steadily through volume one. probably 3/4ths of the way through. Long way to go, but making progress. Have found some fascinating stories along the way.

CHURCHILL: Not much progress here. Read a couple of a pages last week. Maybe 50 pages total.

JOSEPHUS: Have read very little from this. Maybe 20 pages total. But this one isn't the same kind of loss. My daily goal is to read regularly from a church history work. Instead of reading from Josephus, I've turned my attention to finishing a book begun a few years ago, Turning Points in Church History by Mark Noll. Tremendous read and a great overview of some of the most significant events in the history of the Christian Church. 1/2 way through that. Also about 1/2 way through Paschal's Penses (which I have quoted from a few times on this blog and likely will continue to do so), which isn't technically church history, but definitely significant historically.

SCHAEFFER: Currently re-reading How Shall We Then Live? From Volume 5. Discussing with a co-worker.

GREEK NT: Almost through the book of Matthew. Far below the desired amount, but some progress. 

I plan to post soon about reading goals for the coming year as well as some book reviews from the previous year, my top books from 2013.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The little moments that touch the soul

Last night, as my daughter was preparing for bed, she said the following:

"I really really love you daddy." 
Then she paused and said, "And I love purple and blue and pink." Okay...
Then, after a longer pause, she whispered with a sheepish little smile, "And I love Jesus!"
Then she said "I like that people share. I like that momma shares her things with Holly (neighbor) and Holly shares her things with momma."

Man... did I just hear that? What a blessing.

On a related (i.e. touching) but different level, a friend sent me this video emphasizing the power of passing down a legacy:

And this apple add has a similar punch. Definitely moved my tear glands to action.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A visit from the good Doctor

One of my favorite people on the planet was in town today to talk about his new book, The Poverty of Nations. Dr. Wayne Grudem was my mentor, professor, and friend at Phoenix Seminary. Thankfully, we've been able to keep in touch since returning to Little Rock. After picking him up from the airport, he joined us for dinner last night in our home.

Caroline, Dr. Grudem, and John Isaac

Some wonderful conversations with a brilliant man with a deep burden for prayer and a sincere love of Jesus Christ.

In studio
He recorded a few radio programs today with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.
Bob - Wayne - Dennis

And here's the book. Make sure to pick it up. Very insightful. Our friend from Rwanda, Alphonse, has read it and found it to be a helpful assessment of the problem and an encouragement that things might be able to improve one day.