Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Long Story Short

FamilyLife recently interviewed Marty Machowski about his book of 10 minute family devotions called The Long Story Short.  Marty's goal was to make it easy for a father to lead family devotions 5 days a week. This book covers the Old Testament in 78 chapters (that's right - 78 weeks of five devotions). It's an incredibly valuable resource, as any man knows who has tried to be consistent with biblical instruction at home. Marty really does make it easy. I have a couple of friends who are using the book and it has revolutionized their approach to this time with their family. I've begun to mix in some of the readings with our family devotions and have been very pleased. You can see by the online sample that they are creative, imaginative, and biblical, and of course, most importantly, they are SHORT!

You can read more about Marty's ministry on his resource site:

You can also listen to our interviews with him: Day One and Day Two

Order the book here.

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