Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeds Family Worship and Passport to Purity

I've been working on an update to FamilyLife's Passport to Purity. It's a GREAT product that makes it easy for a parent to prepare their pre-teen for the years ahead, turning what could be an awkward conversation into a fun and memorable weekend.

We've partnered with Seeds Family Worship to do the scripture memory songs. I've posted a couple of samples of the new songs and some of the audio segments here.

For now, you can also purchase the old version at FamilyLife's website: Passport to Purity
(The new version is set to be available April 27th).

New Cover for P2P

Here are some sample pages from the new manual, all taken from the fifth session which covers the topic of dating.

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Tim Casteel said...

We can't wait to buy it! Thanks for updating it.