Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Goal of Bible Study

The great Puritan John Owen on the goal of Bible study:
"If any expect that the Scripture should be written with respect unto opinions, notions, and speculations, to render men skillful and cunning in them, able to talk and dispute... they are mistaken. It is given to make us humble, holy, wise in spiritual things; to direct us in our duties, to relieve us in our temptations, to comfort us under troubles, to make us to love God and to live unto him... Unto this end there is a more glorious power and efficacy in on epistle, one psalm, one chapter, than in all the writings of men... he that hath not experience hereof is a stranger unto the power of God in the Scripture... Sometimes an occasional passage in a story, a word or expressions, shall contribute more to excite faith and love in our souls than a volume of learned disputations."
[as quoted from J.I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness, emphasis his]

So true. Helpful reminder to evaluate why I study the Scriptures. Is it to exalt myself, or exalt Christ? To puff up my knowledge or to know Him? Is it because I desire a deeper intimacy with Jesus, or a greater reverence among men? The motives of the heart are often hard to understand or even uncover, but praying and seeking them out is a glorious endeavor.

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Terry Laudett said...

That was an excellent quote. It's something I always need to remember.