Saturday, November 12, 2011


70 amazing photos from 1939-1943. Made this era come to life like nothing else I've experienced.

Two of my favorites below. Click here to enjoy them all.

(Thanks to John Salyer for the link)

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Week of Bonhoeffer

For the last week or so I've worked on the radio show prep for FamilyLife's interview with Eric Metaxas, the author of a very engaging biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This involved summarizing about a 600 page book into a 27 page document, and developing enough questions for two days of radio interviews.

It about killed me (and my family, I think) trying to squeeze it in around my other work, in the evenings and weekends, but it was a GREAT privilege that deeply enriched my soul. Being saturated in the story of Bonhoeffer's life was inspiring to say the least.

It was also a privilege to meet Eric and to get to know him during our 37 minute ride from the airport to his hotel. Yes of course we're close friends now. He even committed right there on the spot to preach at my future grandson-in-laws wedding! What a guy.

One of the things that impressed me about Eric was his diverse background. He has written for Veggie Tales, for Chuck Colson, and a number of other children's books as well. He also wrote a biography of William Wilberforce that my mom just finished and adored.

It was pretty encouraging to watch this video of his testimony to hear how he came to faith out of college, after having a very aggressively secular experience at Yale University.

He has also started a group called Socrates in the city. it's a gathering of people in New York City that want to hear talks on different faith related topics. He recently edited a book that compiles some of the best talks from those meetings and it is very interesting and funny. The introductions he gives to the speakers are really the highlight of the book.

Now,we didn't get to discuss it but I learned afterwards that he also helps lead a meeting of men that gather on a monthly basis to discuss how they can do a better job of leading their families. That, of course, is a deep burden of mine and I'm excited to see another man pursuing that issue, especially in a place like New York City.

Eric Metaxas is Another Man Trying

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

E100 Challenge

I was introduced to a Bible Reading plan this year called "E100." It is the "Essential 100" passages from the Bible that tell the basic story of the Bible. Great approach for getting the big picture of the Bible in our head.

I have really enjoyed reading through E100 with some guys on the street. We've had some great conversations and the men have enjoyed the extended time reading scripture. You can purchase the cards here. They also have a guide with discussion questions for each section and a 'commentary' on each section to help guide your study.