Monday, May 4, 2009

A Frightening Affair

On a recent FamilyLife Today radio broadcast, Pastor Dave Carder states that "40% of Christian marriages will experience an affair before the couple reaches the age of 40." This statistic made me gasp when I heard it. 40%?!?! That seems impossible. Yet the statistics also say that 50% of all couples (Christian or non-Christian) experience affairs before 40. Thus a reminder that many "Christian" marriages are not very different from the average married couple. Based on the statistics, the chances are good (or bad) that you know someone who has experienced an affair or will experience one. The radio programs are outstanding, and I highly recommend that every couple take time to listen to them. You might even consider ordering a few copies of the CD to pass along to other couples.

Part 1: Why do Affairs Happen?

Part 2: What Causes Affairs?

Part 3: Where do Affairs Start?

Part 4: How do I Come Clean?

Part 5: How do I Rebuild Trust?

Online evaluation: Are you at risk for an Affair?

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jgb said...

That's sobering news. May God grant us grace through Jesus Christ.