Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Binders and the Decleration of Independence

This is my son and his binders.  He's been filling them up with all sorts of important papers.  The two light colored binders are dedicated to his parents.  He said he keeps important things about us in them so he can remember us if we accidentally die.  Important things like old church history notes and pictures of crocodiles - things that will make him think of us.

The red binder holds his copy of the Declaration of Independence.  He was absolutely giddy to have his own copy printed out today.  He said "The Stephens (friends with 12 kids) won't believe this!"  I don't remember much about my 5th year of life, but I know that there really wasn't anything more exciting than carrying personal copies of constitutional documents.

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John Majors said...

Welllllll, now, ...this just might be the next lawyer in the family! Considering decedents estate matters; constitutional issues---might be a great defender of our religious liberties under the first amendment (maybe even defending our 2nd Amendment rights, also!)! There will always be a need for Christian lawyers!

Blessings, and love,
MAJ Grandpa