Monday, November 1, 2010

On Reforming Halloween - one piece of candy at a time

5:30 PM on October 31st 2010, my wife yells out "we don't have any candy for tonight!"  A quick trip to Dollar General solves the problem. Once inside I'm confronted with a wall of seriously under-stocked corn-syrup-based, food-coloring-laden, excessive-plastic-packaging madness. Four bags should be enough for the insanity that's about to ensue at our front door. I'll be like a float rider at Mardi-Gras, tossing packages of instant delight to the flock of front lawn free loaders.

Two chairs, a good book, and a baby entertaining device were placed on the porch just as the sun began to fade below the horizon. Now the waiting begins, and wait I did. A grand total of two cars (what ever happened to walking?) came to our home. Not the festive atmosphere recalled from days gone by.

But the time was not a loss. There was a plan in place for those two families. This was the year that all the innocent Halloween bystanders would come to learn about the real October 31st holiday: Reformation day.

Each person that came to the door received one piece of candy, and then were asked, "If you can answer a question, I'll give you one more piece." All were eager to participate.

Luther's Seal
QUESTION: "What happened on this day almost 500 years ago."

Silence unanimously ensued. Not even one attempt at a response.

The follow up questions went "Have you heard of Martin Luther?"

More silence.

I gave a brief summary of the Reformation to all and most listened intently. One boy (who was pushing the international trick-or-treat age limit) even said, "Huh. I learned something new today."

Mission accomplished. One child enlightened. Many left behind.
Successfully sowing seeds for Church History.

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John and Pam Majors said...

Way to go! That is impressive! Thanks for enlightening the kiddos in your area!