Friday, December 2, 2011

Pure Salve for the Soul

Some friends and I have been gathering to discuss the Puritans on Tuesday mornings. In the midst of the discussion I came upon the opening line from Thomas Brooks' book Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices.
"Christ, the Scripture, your own hearts, and Satan's devices, are the four prime things that should be first and most studied and searched. If any cast off the study of these, they cannot be safe here, or happy hereafter."
On its own, this is a valuable paragraph. Yet it holds an even weightier meaning in my heart after hearing yet another story yesterday, of a pastor of a large church in a large city who had bailed on his wife and kids. The man who told me this story had been best friends throughout seminary with this couple. Never saw it coming. Lord, strengthen all of us men who are trying - that we not, as Thomas Brooks said, "cast off the study of these..."

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