Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christians in Politics

Here are some quotes From the book unChristian on the way non-Christians feel about the Christian involvement in politics:

“Christians don’t even follow what the Bible says; why do they try to tell everyone else how to live morally?”

“They do not seem to prioritize the poor and needy in their political agenda, as Jesus commands.”

“Christians do a lot of complaining about the society and how bad things are in politics, but they don’t do much more than complain. The point is that you have to offer more than an opinion.”

“Christians talk about being driven by family values when they vote, but a lot of their families are in bad shape too.”

“They run the risk of turning people away from the cause they are trying to promote by losing sight of real people. Christians do not show grace to people. They judge their actions without walking in their shoes.”

These may be overly characterized, but whether you find these statements to be true or not, recognize that this is the public perception of Christians in politics.

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Doug said...

These are my perceptions of Christians in Politics.

I think you've convinced me to read it John.