Tuesday, February 5, 2008

DG Pastors Conference

This week I have the fortune of attending the Desiring God conference for Pastors in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My dad was able to join me in enjoying the focus of the conference on “The Pastor as Father and Son.” D.A. Carson, the main speaker, has just finished a biography on his father, a pastor in French Canada. He had this to say about his Dad:

“I never heard my father put his wife down once. In fact, he was never good at putting people down except on a prayer list. Then she came down with Alzheimer’s and I never heard him say, not one time, ‘this is NOT the woman I married.’ Instead, I often heard him say, ‘she cared for me for so many years, it is my privilege to get to do the same now for the woman I love.’”

I'm priveleged to say that I can say the same of my dad, and my mom as well, that they have always honored one another in front of me.

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