Friday, February 1, 2008

Confusing Children

Teachers in the U.K. have been instructed to avoid using the words 'Mom' and 'Dad' to to avoid “homophobic attitudes," since all parents may not have heterosexual parents.

They are also saying it is a bad idea to tell a boy to 'act like a man' because it will result in the “bullying of those who do not conform to fixed ideas about gender.”

It is amazing how adults can justify ignoring the obvious in order to push their own agenda. Any three year old knows that boys have equipment that girls do not. "Fixed ideas about gender" start with the equipment, but are also deeply rooted in the way they are wired.

For instance, One author says you should avoid summer camps with war games because they "teach boys to fight." But boys don't have to be taught how to fight. They will do it no matter what games you play. What they need to be taught is how to figure out which things are worth fighting for, how to fight with honor and chivalry. They need to be taught how to determine when to "answer a fool according to his folly" or when to "not answer a fool according to his folly." (Proverbs 26.4-5)

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