Tuesday, December 9, 2008

52 Men Trying

When it comes to finding inspiration and motivation for being a man that keeps trying, there are few things as compelling as the stories of the faithful saints of the past.

But many of these stalwart examples are lost to the modern man, relegated to the dim hallways of seminary bookshelves. Thus, In 2009, One Man Trying will highlight one historic figure a week, particularly emphasizing the way these men remained faithful to following Jesus. Most of these fifty-two fine fellows will be referenced from the book A Concise History of Christian Thought. You can pick up a copy and read more about each person in a few pages.

Fifty-two is also significant in that I accomplished my goal of reading fifty-two books this year. By the end of the year I will post a list of all fifty-two along with a synopsis of each book. This will be followed with the top ten that I recommend you consider reading in 2009.


John and Pam said...

Way to go!!!!! And that doesn't count seminary books, right? Maybe in 2009 you can read even more.

Tim Casteel said...

Look forward to seeing your list and recommendations. Pretty incredible to get through 52 in a year!