Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Other 41 – Part I

This is the first half of the rest of the 52 books I completed this year, listed in the order which they were read. As a note of encouragement, if you find it difficult to make time to read even a few books a year, check out this article about the reading competition between the most powerful man in the world and his chief of staff.

Though the following books didn’t make the top 11 list, many are still worth reading. I’ve rated them A (worth reading), B (so-so), or C (don’t bother).

1. Preaching the Old Testament by Scott M. Gibson – Read for a seminary preaching class. Fair, for a preaching book. The best preaching book by far that I read in seminary was The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching, edited by Haddon Robinson. Lots of practical tips, real life experience and examples (even audio). - B

2. The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Chose this book because of the “Puritan Challenge” organized by this blogger. He summarizes John Flavel’s life and work here. - B

3. Federal Husband by Douglas Wilson – Excellent book about what it means to truly love and lead your wife biblically. I’m not in agreement with all of his statements, but find the book encouraging. – A

4. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham – An interesting story about an American football player that finds true happiness in a small town in Italy. A fast read that resulted in more personal reflection than any of Grisham’s previous works. Picked up this novel because I needed something light to read to help digest all I was reading in my final semester of seminary. The non-fiction work that saved me at the end of 2007 was David McCullough’s book on the Panama Canal. Reading a few pages a night helped slow down my mind before falling asleep. - B

5. Preaching with Variety by Jeffery D. Arthurs – another preaching book for seminary. See #1 for a better recommendation. - B

6. Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo – Parenting book that gives practical tips on how to incorporate the scriptures in your discipline and instruction with your children. Deut 6.6-7 is the basic structure for the book. Very helpful. - A

7. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell – Engaging book from a former navy seal that survived an attack in Afghanistan. Previously reviewed here. - A

8. I Sold my Soul on eBay by Hemant Mehta –An atheist decides to “sell his soul” on ebay, meaning that he offers to attend any church of the highest bidder. He ends up attending a variety of churches and chronicles his experience. Very helpful for all Christians and church leaders to read. - A

9. Perspective on World Missions (a reader) ed. By Ralph D. Winter – read various articles from this book while taking a class on missions (World Outreach). The book was tremendous, especially the article on William Carey, and the class was even better. After taking the class, my eyes were opened to the centrality of missions to the health of the church in a fresh new way. Before then it was a peripheral notion, since it has become central. - A

10. Run with the Vision by Sjogren and Stearns – Another book for the missions course. - B

11. Galatians, a commentary by Richard Longenecker – A fair commentary on Galatians that is on the more technical end. To find the best commentaries available on any book of the Bible, go to this amazing website. - B

12. Dark Tide by Andrew Gross ­– Interesting corporate greed thriller. - B

13. Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn –Began reading shortly after finishing seminary and gorged myself on Flynn books in the month of June (reading three of his books in 2 weeks). Very addictive CIA/spy type thrillers. Interesting note on VF: He self published his first book after receiving sixty rejection letters. - B

14. The 12-Second Sequence by Jorge Cruz – Health/fitness book that offers a slow method of weight conditioning that increases tension on muscles, allowing use of lower weights and decreasing the chance of injury. Also includes a dieting plan, schedules and recipes. A great starter approach for those looking to try out or get back into weight training or just shake up a stale routine. - A

15. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris – a young entrepreneur summarizes life lessons while caught up in the Silicon Valley craze. He gives tips and a pathway for freeing up your time to do more of what you want. Though he is agnostic, it’s interesting to see him recognize that money and possessions are not the most important things in life. Experience is king in his world, and all of his life is aligned with this goal. - B

16. What ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know… by Kevin Trudeau - one man’s journey to keep the weight off using a risky procedure. C

17. The Third Option by Vince Flynn (see #13)

18. Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (see #13)

19. Good to Great in God’s Eyes by Chip Ingram – A book on what it means to pursue Christ with excellence in all areas of life. Ingram was a pastor in Santa Cruz, California when Julie and I were there for a summer with Campus Crusade for Christ. He recently presided over Walk thru the Bible, started by Bruce Wilkinson of Jabez fame. He now runs a teaching and discipleship ministry called Living on the Edge. I have a ton of respect for Chip Ingram and highly recommend his books and teachings. - A

20. Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn (see #13)

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